Big Elephant

When we say there's a "big elephant in the room" it means that there is an obvious problem or awkward situation that no one is willing to discuss or even to acknowledge. Big Elephant aims to increase awareness of the big disability elephant and to help create and build solutions through a variety of social and educational projects.


The Objective

Big Elephant is a sustainable foundation which aims to increase awareness of and build solutions for disability issues. Within five years the foundation will generate the funds necessary to finance itself and its projects and create synergies with other organisations with related goals.



Our mandate comes from Irene Koch and her vision of establishing a foundation to promote and finance a variety of projects revolving around people living with disabilities which will facilitate their social inclusion and improve accessibility to widen their range of opportunities and experiences.


The Vision

The vision of Big Elephant is to build an environment in which there are no more big elephants in the room, one in which the social inclusion of people living with disabilities is a reality.

​Lucas Koch


Lucas Koch is not only Big Elephant's Universal Ambassador, he is the inspiration and driving force behind the foundation and projects. Lucas's family have fought with passion and determination to ensure that Lucas is never a big elephant in the room, transforming his disability into the guiding light behind their vision of a world in which the barriers that people living with disabilities face daily are eradicated. A world in which disabilities are faced with awareness and solutions. Lucas's world. 



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