“I met Irene Koch and her family in 2010 when my son and her oldest son were playing in a fundraising musical performance for the Lucas Koch park in Busot.
Little did we know that this would be the start of something as Big as an Elephant :)”
Caroline Hetterschijt, Founder SOLCIR

Three years ago I was introduced to Irene Koch to cooperate in a fundraising swim for Aquarium. People had told me really nice things about her but, to be honest, very far from what I have discovered throughout the years. She is full of energy and boasts with creativity, but most of all ... she has the determination to change the world. When the Big Elephant starts moving ... nothing will stop it."
Aitor Bilbao, President Club Esportiu Aquarium
From when our paths crossed at a European School of Alicante Solidarity project, Irene Koch and her extraordinary family have taken a special spot in my life. We’ve come a long way, have laughed, have cried, have complemented so well together. Irene is a power house and a light house, full of energy and spreading hope. She has embarked on a BIG mission and the ELEPHANT is on the loose.”
Beatrice Amrhein, President Solidarity Committee European School Alicante