Welcome Aboard L.U.C.A.S.

Welcome Aboard L.U.C.A.S. is an ability awareness project created in collaboration with the European School of Alicante, the Secretary General of the European Schools and the University of Alicante.  It is an educational programme which aims to create awareness of disabilities through a series of school-based activities for pupils of all ages.



El Faro

​Have you ever thought about how hard it must be for someone with limited mobility to have a shower or a bath? Adapting the facilities at home is often unaffordable or impossible. Splash! will provide fully accessible adapted bathing and showering facilities for members of the public without access to them.


Room for Change

El Faro is a counselling service for people whose lives are affected by disability and/or bereavement. Our focus is on empowering people to regain positive control over their lives. In the future we will offer training in Person Centered Practices for professionals and volunteers with the aim of fostering a global learning community to exchange knowledge and good practice.



SolidArte is an initiative that promotes solidarity through art - paintings, drawings, photography, dance and music. We aim to raise both awareness and funds for the foundation through the organization of concerts, events and art exhibitions.



Innovacation plans to create an adapted sports youth hostel in the region of Alicante. The hostel will allow young sports teams from different countries to train in the sun in affordable accomodation. All the hostel facilities will be adapted so that sports teams of all kinds can come together here and their special needs will be catered for.



In every airport you can find baby changing facilities which make travelling with young children an easy experience.

However what if the person who needs changing is bigger than a small child? 

Room for Change aims to provide each airport and city with at least one adult changing facility to make it easier and more comfortable for everyone who needs one to get out and about.




When parents are in hospital with a sick child, they have no time to rest, have a coffee or even a shower. Hospitalidario aims to create a network of volunteers willing to help out in these situations by offering to stay with children in hospital for short periods of time.





Titerapia provides therapy through hand puppet workshops which facilitate communication for individuals, groups and educators.